Flying From a Different Perspective

Heliguy is an experienced operator across all visual platforms: we’ve worked on feature films, television shows, TVCs and online visual campaigns. We pride ourselves in being malleable enough to best suit your media: big or small.

Heliguy also flies a range of digital cameras including the Alexa and RED cameras, with enough lift to accommodate heavy lens packages. Filming with an Arri Alexa Mini with anamorphic lenses? No problem. We’ve got you covered. In fact, we can fly just about every lens and camera combination on the market, along with a range of gimbals and stabilisers.

Feature Films

We have experience with both large scale studio pictures and small independent productions. Working closely with directors and cinematographers, we ensure our shots fit tonally within the overall film to maximise production value. If there is a VFX component, we work closely with VFX supervisors to ensure our plate shots accurately hit the mark.

For large studio productions, we suggest considering our Turbine X8. This ultra heavy lift drone (a Heliguy exclusive) can lift up to 40kg. That’s a dual camera configuration. It’s also enough to fly anamorphic or zoom lenses. And with less wind gust than other heavy lift drones, the Turbine X8 can fly above debris, water and smoke leaving a minimal physical footprint.


Drone Cinematography is an ideal way for television producers to increase production value by including an aerial element as part of their shoot. Whether it be used as an establisher or as a story-telling device, Heliguy is confident we’ll be able to get the shot you need, when you need it.

VFX Simplified

With our signature Heliguy Orientation Control System, our drones come with a triple GPS monitoring system. Post-flight telemetry data is available for productions, detailing the speed, distance and duration of each flight in half-second increments. It’s an invaluable tool for post-vis, VFX and post-production workflow, allowing teams to accurately track the camera position and angle frame-by-frame. This ensures your VFX team has accurate data, reducing some of the costs associated with environment builds and post-vis placement on both hero and plate shots.


Heliguy has established itself as the premier aerial cinematographery provider among some of Australia’s best TVC production houses, including Good Oil, Helium, Collider, Sark Studio, M&C Saatchi and Finch.