We’re All About Innovation

We’re all about innovation here at Heliguy. Our in-house engineers love to adapt, develop, test parameters and find improvements for our UAVs. We encourage conceptual, creative and visionary thinking at Heliguy. Though safety is always of uttermost importance, we believe the only way to move forward is by pushing the boundaries.

When it comes to innovating UAVs, we haven’t limited ourselves to just flying cameras (though it is our #1 passion). We know the importance of expanding in unexpected directions to maintain curiosity, which is why Heliguy is rooted firmly in engineering R & D. It’s the only way to ensure we use best-in-breed technology.

New Developments

Our in-house engineers like to explore the parameters of what UAVs can do. Through this sense of curiosity, we have become an industry leader in emerging UAV technology. We have developed ways to make our drones fly faster and for longer, with more stability in high winds. We have alsio developed ways to guarantee the drone hits the camera mark.


But don’t limit us to just flying cameras. We haven’t. In fact, we’re currently working closely with academics to develop new ways to utilise drones in scientific research.  

VFX Camera Array System

The Heliguy multi camera array is a dual camera system mounted on The Turbine X8 Ultra Heavy Lift and is designed to capture an ultra wide field of view.

Smooth Connect

Custom designed automatic system provides instant and smooth connection of the Movi Pro gimbal to a drone. Smooth Connect allows the stabilised camera head to move freely on the ground. This system is utilised for seamless ground to air handover transitions.

Heliguy Lighting Drone

Worlds most sophisticated and powerful lighting drone now available from Heliguy’s engineering team. Programmed in-house.
Fully dimmable, with strobing effect options on a stabilised gimbal for directional control with an on board HD camera for precision tracking of hero subjects at speed. 8- 12 x 100W floodlights integrating:

Heliguy Cobra

Developed for flying theatre and dome cinema, the Heliguy Cobra is a one-of-a-kind drone configuration, offering an unparalleled 180° field of view at speeds of up to 90km/h. Based on Heliguy’s Turbine X8 ultra-heavy lift drone platform and Movi Pro gimbal ecosystem the Cobra was developed to carry high resolution cinema cameras such as Red’s 8K ‘Monstro’.

Turbine X8

Our latest Ultra Heavy-Lift Drone, developed with Feature Films in mind. With a certified 40kg load capacity and speeds up to 100km/hour, the Turbine X8 can fly up to 30mins at a time.

Fostering Innovation

We believe innovation needs to be fostered. That’s why Heliguy is supportive of new up-and-coming minds, creating a forward-thinking corporate culture saturated in curiosity.

Jnr Technician Traineeships

Through our traineeship program, we aim to teach our Junior Techs to apply their engineering and camera skills to the innovation of UAVs.

Jnr Technician Traineeships

Community Sponsorship

We love supporting great minds. That’s why Heliguy is a proud sponsor of the First V Junior Robocup Soccer Team from Scots College, who competed in the Soccer Open of the 2017 International Robocup tournament held in Japan. The team won a SuperTeam World Champion award. Way to go First V!

Heliguy Scientific

We work alongside scientific researchers to adapt their stringent sampling or sensing requirements onto remote aerial platforms, opening up previously inaccessible opportunities for data collection.