Special Permissions UAV Filming

Australian Defence Force Brand Campaign

Agency: Havas Sydney
Director: Damon Cameron
DOP: Ross Giardina

This fully integrated, ‘mobile-first’ campaign is the most holistic and interactive produced by Defence Force Recruiting (DFR) to date. Its scale and breadth also make it the largest.

In delivering this campaign, Havas continued its long term strategy of ‘humanising the ADF’. The integrated 360 campaign features engaging stories that potential Army candidates can relate to.  It brings to life the stories of nine Australian Army personnel with different jobs, education levels and backgrounds, revealing the people behind the uniforms.

Heliguy was engaged by Havas to film the aerial elements, including filming on location at the Cairns International Airport and shadowing aircraft for drone-to-drone and drone-to-aircraft filming.  

Special Permissions

CASA has strict rulings re: UAV approvals to fly within range of other aircraft. In the case of Havas’s vision, there were two separate instances requiring unique permission:

1)    flying adjacent to the Cairns International Airport (our shooting location) and

2)    drone-to-drone and drone-to-aircraft filming

With careful planning in conjunction with CASA, Heliguy was able to secure the rare permissions from CASA for both instances.

Unique Piloting Skills

Once permissions were granted, Heliguy was faced with a new challenge: how to safely pilot a UAV around other aircraft, with enough control to ensure neither is affected by the other’s airflow.

Due to its dependability, Pilot Guy Alexander choose to use the Reliance X8 for this shoot. Using his years of experience, Guy was able to pilot the Reliance X8 close to other UAVs without incident.