World leaders in drone innovation 
and aerial cinematography.

We’re a pretty simple bunch: we love drones, cinematography and problem solving. As a team, we pride ourselves in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. That’s why we’re licensed to fly the most powerful drone system in the business, with payloads up to 40kg. It’s also why we’ve flown over active volcanos, through thick jungle canopies and above breaching whales.

You design the shot. We’ll get it.

We customise our signature drones for clients when a unique look is required or challenging environment presented.  With our team of in-house engineers and highly skilled pilots, Heliguy is capable of meeting any high risk, speed and/or load specification whilst adhering to strict safety guidelines. After carefully assessing your needs, our team will advise you on the best Drone Package to meet your requirements.

We offer 100% redundancy.

We know Producers have a lot of balls in the air, and that mitigating all potential fires is close to impossible. That’s why we offer 100% redundancy for all of our clients. It’s one less thing for you to worry about. We’ve got this.

We don’t just do traditional aerials.

Our drone pilots are capable of giving you so much more than a breathtaking aerial. With strong piloting skills and thousands of hours experience, our pilots are also experts in close proximity and low altitude flying, giving clients the freedom to achieve a bespoke look. Imagine being able to replicate a bird’s POV as it swoops down and glides across the water… or being able to track a perfect circle around your protagonist at varying speeds. There really is no limit to what our customised drones can do.

Our team can operate autonomously with a small footprint.

Heliguy has the capability of ramping up or down to suit the scope of your production. Though we love working with key crew as part of main unit, we also feel just as comfortable operating autonomously as an additional unit. As a ramped-up additional unit, we operate out of our own customised Mercedes, complete with remote power access. For remote locations, our crew will pare back the kit, and hike in by foot, if necessary.

Our Team

The Heliguy team are a group of hard working technicians who love drones, cinematography and problem solving.

We pride ourselves in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. That’s why we’re licensed to fly the most powerful drone systems in the business. We’re also the longest operating drone business in Australia.

Guy Alexander

Guy is one of Australia’s most sought-after drone pilots. He is not only licensed to fly every drone in our fleet, he’s also adaptable and confident enough to get the most out of each UAV – whether that be the smaller Inspire 2 or the ultra heavy lift Turbine X8. As a skilled FPV (First Person Vision) Pilot, Guy is able to manoeuvre in and out of challenging environments, guaranteeing the shots clients want. In fact, Guy specialises in close proximity flying – essential for the shots that require highly skilled piloting in close quarters, through treetop canopies and alongside vehicles. He’s travelled the world for clients that require his specialised skillset. Add to that Guy’s impeccable camera knowledge, his clean design style and his responsibility to the crew’s safety, and it’s not hard to see why Guy has become the go-to UAV Pilot for many of Australia’s top filmmakers.

Ewan Donnachie
Senior Camera Technician

With an eye for detail and an advanced understanding of camera gimbals, Ewan heads up Heliguy’s camera team. Already established as one of the best camera operators in the business, Ewan has travelled the world shooting for the biggest names in cinematography. Quite simply, Ewan is the guy you want in your corner. Not only is he quick to balance cameras to ensure the most stable shots, his cool-headedness ensures his ability to work under pressure in some of the most remote shooting locations possible, including the dense jungles of South America and the volcanic mountains of Indonesia. Coupled with an exquisite eye for the perfect frame, we are confident Ewan can get your production a steady, perfectly framed shot with precise focus.

Alastair Smith
Senior Drone Technician

With a background in science and engineering, Alastair heads up Heliguy’s engineering team. Responsible for the continuous development of our custom platforms, he enjoys the constant challenge of meeting the variety of requests that come through our doors. Whether it’s flying a particular camera/lens at high altitude, catching whale DNA out of the air or just making our heavy-lifters fly faster, heavier and for longer, Alastair and his team use CAD/CAM design and fabrication, custom electronics and best-of-breed components to develop a practical solution. Alastair has 3 years experience in the industry and over 500 commercial flying hours.

Tony Driver
Drone Pilot

Tony is one of our most popular and skilled single-operators. And it’s no wonder – aviation is in his blood. Tony’s love for all things aviation developed as a child, often flying with his father on the family farm outside of Deniliquin, New South Wales. As an adult, Tony gained further experience piloting small airplanes, before becoming one of Australia’s first UAV operators. With his eye for detail, Tony is often booked as a single-operator of our smaller drones. As a master at piloting a UAV while simultaneously operating the camera, Tony gets his clients the perfect shot. Every time.

Carolina Izquierdo
Camera Operator

The newest addition to our team, Carolina brings with her a wealth of experience in film production. With a background in Producing and Journalism in Colombia, Carolina moved to Australia in 2010, pursuing a career in cinematography. After winning Best Short Feature at the 2015 Tech-Ex Cup in Hong Kong for her short NOWHERE, Carolina began working on as a Second Camera Assistant on feature films, including Bleeding Steel and Pacific Rim Uprising. She has a keen eye for detail and an elegant style, backed up by real-world filming experience on large sets. She is also a CASA Certified drone pilot and is the only woman in Australia who operates the Phantom Flex 4K.

Jeff Gaunt
VFX Specialist

Jeff is one of Australia’s most experienced and sought after VFX Directors. As a highly awarded Cinematographer, VFX Supervisor, Compositor and Director, Jeff’s projects are visually stunning. Jeff has a rare mix of talents that cross technical, VFX and creative execution. The results are strong visual concepts and a convergence of art and technology with an unmistakable aesthetic.

Come Fly With Us

Heliguy is always looking for new additions to their team.

We are always on the hunt for expanding our core team of drone pilots. You must have FPV and onset experience. Freelance and sole traders are also welcome to apply. 

We are looking for an experienced Drone Technician who is confident with complex drone builds. This position is ideal for an experienced drone operator with an engineering background who may want to diversify into the exciting world of drone cinematography.

Our Jnr Drone Technician is someone who has in interest in drone builds. This position is ideal for a recent graduate with an engineering background who may want to enter the exciting world of Drone Cinematography.